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Well, hello to everyone out there reading this blog, and hello to everyone far out there not reading this blog yet. Since this is my first post on this blog, I thought I’d share with you why I’m finally considering blogging and what I would like to blog about.

The why. Do you ever get excited when you stumble upon something really awesome, or when you find this really tricky translation problem that you’ve tackled like the hyper-translator that you are, or how about when you get this awesome idea that may revolutionize your small linguophilic world? Well that’s just the problem: if you’re a (freelance) translator, your world may be rather small. So, like me, I guess you probably end up speaking to the walls quite a lot, right? Fortunately, for us lone rangers, internet is making things easier these days. Add the joy of sharing to it, and there you have the why.

The when. Remember when your mom or dad used to call you for dinner, and nearly every time you said “I’ll be there in a moment”? That’s one way of understanding why this blog is coming out later than expected. Evil procrastination.

The what. Apart from translation tips I plan on writing on anything I find interesting, absurd, outrageous or genial, be it from my own experience as a translator or from the abundant life and experience of the international translation community. And I’ll try to keep it short whenever possible. Do bear with me however when I get off track – it’s probably for a good reason.

So, anyone want to welcome me or something? You’re invited to leave a comment :-)

P.S. no, there will be no Dracula tales on this block.


Cristian Sălăjan

I am a freelance translator and blogger from multicultural Transylvania. Father of one, two three, husband of one, friend to few. Privately, I've also been interested in/fascinated by topics like web design, theology, probability theory, Christian apologetics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurship and parenting.

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