Freelance translator tip: where to work from when home is not the best option

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Time has taught me that I’m most effective in an environment that contains a minimum amount of distractions. A silent environment is especially important on this job, especially if you aim to increase daily work speed, accuracy and output. Therefore, working from home where you may have massive distractions (unexpected guests, TV, kids, fridge) could easily reduce your productivity by 50%.

I for one have discovered that it’s best for my business AND for my family to have an office outside of my home. Renting? You’re probably thinking that’s not an option for your small business. Here’s the good news: you can avoid it all together, since there are so many places nowadays where you can find a free internet connection, and you can even have your own portable one and work from anywhere you like.

Ever thought of working from a silent coffee shop or from a public library? Or maybe you have a friend who goes to work every morning leaving an empty apartment – what better place to work from?

You’ll discover soon enough that the work compartment and the family/personal compartment will not get mixed up so easily anymore. Here’s the best thing about your new balance: you might even have a life after work, every day!

So, what are some of the places you’ve worked from? You’re invited to drop a comment.



Cristian Sălăjan

I am a freelance translator and blogger from multicultural Transylvania. Father of one, two three, husband of one, friend to few. Privately, I've also been interested in/fascinated by topics like web design, theology, probability theory, Christian apologetics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurship and parenting.

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    I totally agree with you about the importance of creating “compartments” to avoid mixing private life with professional life. City Hall sometimes provides space for entrepreneurs to stimulate the local economy. It’s good to investigate, and if it works (that is to say if you can get an office for free or for a very small amount) you might end up having collegues who work in different (and complementary?) fields. I personnally enjoy the idea, and it might be not so unrealistic.

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