Become a gimper of your trade


A gimper is someone who cannot settle with mediocre or even standard performance. When they look at the expectations other people have from them, their first concern isn’t whether they can meet the expectations, or whether they can getaway with substandard. They want to overachieve and they will spare no effort until they’ve exceeded all expectations.


Have you ever tried to exceed the expectations of your client? Have you ever gone out of your way to produce something exceedingly good (even if you knew nobody would notice)? If not, what do you think could happen if you tried? If yes, how did it feel like? Did it set off any reactions? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experience.

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Cristian Sălăjan

I am a freelance translator and blogger from multicultural Transylvania. Father of one, two three, husband of one, friend to few. Privately, I've also been interested in/fascinated by topics like web design, theology, probability theory, Christian apologetics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurship and parenting.

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2 responses to Become a gimper of your trade

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    Hi Cristian,

    I just started following your blog (maybe I should have found you sooner!!!), but I just wanted to say, FABULOUS!!!! I have loved it. Regarding the cartoon and your comments, well, I just assumed that that was the norm, that you should always do your very best and give clients what you would expect from someone you are hiring to do a job.
    I have always worked this way, and I have never put out an ad (also read 12 tips for more direct clients), and the work I do has been mainly word-of-mouth recommendations, so I do believe that leaving it all out there on the floor (to use Olympic terms) is what one should always do! It has really paid off for me. My clients are repeat clients and all have found me through recommendations from their own colleagues. To me, that is the most rewarding work and the biggest compliment.
    Thanks for blogging, and I will continue reading your comments!!!

    Best regards, Carolyn

    • Cristian Sălăjan August 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

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      Hi there, and a warm welcome, Carolyn! I’m always delighted to meet like-minded folks. If you ask me, there’s no satisfaction like the satisfaction of doing things the olympic way. And it’s not about getting in front of your competition, but more about breathing rare air. When you climb a mountain, you know you cannot be the first to ever climb it, and still the heights are like a magnet.

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